Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is delivery options available?

Currently we only accept self-pick up at Central Hong Kong

02. Can I use my own mealbox?

Due to current covid situation, we have suspended the “bring your own box” program. Once everything is back to “normal” we will resume the program for monthly subscribers. All our mealboxes are eco-friendly, and you can choose to opt out any utensils by adding the request in the notes when you place the order. 

02. Can you provide rice to my mealbox?

Paleo mealprep is lower carb based so we do not put rice into our mealbox. However, for your convenience, we’ve ready-to-eat brown rice for you to add on your order in the SHOP. Also from time to time we’ll add sweet potatos into our mealbox as healthier, low GI carb options.